show off category of blog and many questions

Hello and well done for this Template very good ! i m using it for my association of virtual pilot. here is a capture of header. i have many questions

1- how can you change height of category module and margin of font (and colors)
2- is there a way in wordpress to selec manually not to show catégory or not on this

3- on a normal page or a blog can you add beautifull Parallax Widget like in startpage ?
4- on each Parallax Widget can you change : center of image - text … colors of background ?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question

  1. Please provide link to the page and i will check it
  2. No, sorry but this is not possible
  3. Not parallax image but can help you to add a normal image, again, i need to see it
  4. this will also require custom css for each parallax section

Colorlib Support Team

Hi back,

thanks for quick support ! here is my website (just started)

It could be a great evolution if you can by the furture directly set with cursor on each item on customize tab !

Good morning and thank you for website url

  1. category height can be changed by this css code:

.page-title-section {
height: 150px;

  1. ok, in this question where exactly you want to add an image? on which page? you have only 3 pages on the website and its hard to guess what is your goal

Happy new year 2019 ! Thanks for the great support. I will add my pages and come back to ask some support about CSS modification. Do you have a list of all CSS variable of the template ?


Hey there

"Do you have a list of all CSS variable of the template " - they are too many to list here and i think it doesn’t make any sense if you want one or more particular section of the page post it here and i will tell you css class,
You can also get any element class by inspecting it by developer tools,