sidebar gallery widget - format on media devices below 767px

Does anyone know how I can get my images in the sidebar gallery to extend across the length of the sidebar on narrower screen media devices. On screens up to 767px all my sidebar widgets apppear below the primary column (which is fine) but for whatever reason, they are reduced to a portion of the available area. This problem only occurs with the gallery widget - everyhthing else - meta sliders/contact form etc are fine. Many thanks - I have put a screenshot below for a screen at 667px

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this without rewriting Jetpack titled galleries code. The thing is that it generates inline styling once you create gallery and it can’t get larger than that. It can get smaller to to make it fit for smaller devices.

Thanks for that Aigars, I understand. On the subject of screens below 767px, is there any way of displaying the social icons in the header area… if you prefer I can put the query in a new topic.
Thanks again Aigars

I already answered your question here.

Thanks for all your help - I hadn’t checked the other topic.