SideBar Issue in Activelo Theme

Hi There,
I recently downloaded the plugin “Custom Sidebars” to support adding the woocommerce widgets to the shop page of my site.

I am having an issue with my sidebar plugin for my woocommerce site. It will not show the woocommerce widgets on the shop page of my site, despite working on other pages. I currently have a coming soon page up and will respond with login details for troubleshooting.

Thank you.


Hello Larabaidoo,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please edit the shop age and then change the page template by going to Page Attributes > Templates and select Default Template.

Keep me posted on the results.

Best Regards,

Hi team, did you mean shop page? I do not know what a shop age is.

the page is set to the default template. still no luck. my login is [email protected] and PW: Surrender2HerWill!

Please help.

Thank you.

Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

Please provide the URL for you website.
Also please try this plugin with a default plugin with a default WordPress theme such as TwentySixteen to see if it works.

Best Regards,

I can see the sidebar is displaying on your site shop page but the woocommerce widgets are not displaying on it replaced by Custom Sidebars plugin so please contact Custom Sidebars plugin author regarding this to resolve the issue.