sidebar moved to bottom

Hi there, I use this theme for about more than 3 years and now the sidebar is moving to bottom of the page.
I have read some topics here about this problem but I did not solved yet.

I deactivate all plugins and the problem persists;
I do not saw anyone html tag unclosed in the articles text. the most of the articles are with this problem.

Is there another solution for that?

sorry for my bad english

thanks in advance

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Are you using any modification in the theme? what can i see hee is that some of the default classes is removed from the html markup, also, make sure all plugins and theme is up to date
Colorlib Support Team

Hi, hope you are having a good day too, thanks!
I have made some minimal changes, like put a banner on header.php.
But not remember if I removed default classes, all the plugins and themes are updated.
can reupload sparkling solve the classes problem?

thank you!


Hi there

Yes, indeed, please delete the theme and install it again from the WordPress repository

Colorlib Support Team