Sidebar not on the right side

sorry, my english is very bad, but i need help. my right sidebar is suddenly no longer displayed (after 10 years). it is under the whole content area. but on some pages it is still there. what has happened there?
please help me, i am desperate

As shown in the preview image, it was until an hour ago. suddenly not anymore.

Hi there

I see your sidebar is moved at the bottom of the page, so, you want to move it to the normal place right? is this your problem?

yes, that was my problem. i already found the mistake. a tag ending was missing in one of the posts.

thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing solution :slight_smile:

Thats nice :slight_smile:

that is probably the least, please! thanks again for dealing with my problem!

Have a good day @lintschi :slight_smile: