sidebar on front page

Hi! Is there any way to make the front page look exactly the same as the other pages? With a sidebar and titles? Thank you!!!

Just remove or rename front-page.php which is located in Theme root folder and you are ready to go. This is WordPress template file and WordPress detects it automatically and if it is not present then WordPress will use page.php instead and there won’t be any errors or anything.

Thank you! This was helpful. Thank you also for the marvelous theme.

Hello all,

I am not sure where the theme root folder is and how to remove the front-page.php. If anyone knows could you share please?

Would be much appreciated. Thanking you


Access your website using FTP client such as FileZilla or other and navigate to your website folder → wp-content → themes → sparkling and then you will be able to find front-page.php that you can either remove or rename.

This was driving me crazy - thanks for posting, but I have to ask - why in the world would this be the default when someone could easily change their home page to the full width template of they wanted to?!?

Because this front page template has widgets in bottom that are much more flexible than regular page are.

Many users have setup where there is no content but only widgets(testimonaials, contact form, susbsctibe buttons, events etc).

I hope that make sense

ahh, okay, I guess that makes sense, but it seems like it should be fixable without needing FTP access somehow - maybe a theme option, or checkbox, or additional template to choose, etc. This seemed really strange… Oh well, thank you :wink:

Thank you for your feedback! Will try to figure out how it could be done to make it more universal for everyone.