sidebar on homepage


I’m using Sparkling theme and can’t seem to get the sidebar on the static homepage. I’ve posted the question here but didn’t find how to edit it to complete the information, so I put “resolved” to close it and open this new thread.

What I wish to make is
a) To have a side bar only on the static home page and on the blog page (it shows ok on blog page)
b) That when I access the home page either from the menu or from the header, I still get the homepage with the slider and the sidebar.

I’ve tried both setting the default layout with a sidebar, and setting the default layout with no sidebar and setting the homepage to have a sidebar. But none of the options worked.

I’m developing the site locally so I can’t post any links.

I found in several replies that the solution may involve renaming or editing front-page.php. However, I don’t have that file! How could I fix this and also get the sidebar on the homepage?

Lastly, an additional question: Is it possible to align the widget areas of the homepage in columns?

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

I’ve been already replied on the thread I had marked as resolved, so I won’t need any help on this thread. THanks!

To avoid duplication of topics i have added your this reply on your following existing topic created for it and i have replied on it.