Sider is not aligning with menu properly

The Resizing worked at one point but now it is back to the same issue as before where the slider images are not lining up with the menu bar above.

You are not going to achieve proper alignment with your current images because they are too small. You images are 800px but minimum is 1018px. It is possible to scale them but then quality will be destroyed. Just upload larger images and you will be ready to go.

Ok i got a width of 1018 however the only way I can export this width for my photos is with a height of 678. So now one of my images fits perfectly in reguard to the width. However the height makes it so that the image does not fit in the screen without scrolling down. You would not know of a work around for this would you?

You should crop your images. There is no other way around it.

Images does fit well for high resolution displays but in most cases I would try to avoid using them. That’s why slider was created for images 1018x460px.

The first issue is now resolved. The images fit perfectly. Thank you.

Now I am trying to create a custom link. When someone clicks on my gallery page I want the link to take them to:

I have tried to go though wordpress custom URL to do this however it has not worked. Is there a way to edit the code to do this?

Never mind, i got it i think. I have to crop the photo a bit. That allows the program to export 1018 x 460