Signup Form 13 by Colorlib

I love that template. Unfortunately two verifications do not seem to work:

  • the “I agree to the Terms”-Button at the end of the form. No matter if it is checked or not, the form is submitted
  • comparing the password and the repeat-password doesn’t seem to be implemented?

For me, primarily the checkbox is relevant, but as unfortunately JavaScript and me are no ‘close friends’ :wink: I am unable to fix that myself and kindly ask here, the community for help.

Many thanks in advance,
best Regards,

P.S. talking about Login Form 13 by Colorlib - Free HTML Login Form 2021 - Colorlib

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
These are only plain HTML templates, no inner functionality is in the themes, this means you have to implement all functions yourself,

Colorlib Support Team

Cheers, Noda!
I just thought, if the template/JS provided already does the verify for ALL OTHER input fields in the form, it might be possible to verify that checkbox too?
Never mind though - still grateful :slight_smile:

Good morning

Well, HTML templates are provided as is :slight_smile: no other functionality is included,
Let me know if you need anything else