Site breaking down when adding woocommerce

With a clean install of shaply active and working with democontent. I tried to install the woocommerce plugin.
It let’s me set some variables, but in severall attempts it breaks down suddenly with an error 500.

The only way back that i, now, kow of is to set up the site from scratch, but even after severall attempts it keeps breaking down.

Any ideas, anyone?

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You are running out of server resources, try contacting your hosting provider and have them increase the server limits such as the max execution time and the php memory limit.

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i’ve been in contact with my hosting provider. But even now it breaks down.
I have to set up the complete site again, so even the database, wordpress and demo content to get it working again. Or at least that seems the quickest option for now.

Maybe any other ideas?

H ithere

Get in touch with your server support, error 500 is coming from the server when resources dedicated to a particular site is not enough to process requests,
for more information about this problem you can research it in the net