Site Identity

Every time I update the site identity and save and publish, when I refresh my page, it goes back to the Clean.Slick.Pixel Perfect tagline.

Any ideas?

Hello @slf02989,

I’m having trouble to understand this.

What do you mean by every time you update the site identity?

Please provide more details and I’ll start an investigation.


On the home page, when I try to change the text : “Color. Slick. Pixel Perfect” and the tagline below with my site information, it works for a second but as soon as I refresh the page it goes back to looking like the demo site.

Hello @slf02989,

From what I can tell, you need to change that text inside Customize > Jumbotron

I’m not sure if you are getting some errors and the customizer does not save the information or you are in the wrong place.

Is it possible to provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message?


Sure. How do I do that? Or is it just under “users”?

Hello @slf02989,

It it just under Users.
Add new user, use an email address ([email protected] should do it), set up an username and password and send me a private message.

Thank you