Site is changed after updating the theme

There have been several changes to my site since I updated the Ildy theme. Is there a way to undo the update to bring it back to its original state?

1, The font style on my menu bar has changed to a different one. How can I change it back to what it was or pick another one?
2… The jumbotron picture has changed at the home page and I had another jumbotron for the rest of the pages which has also changed. Also I don’t remember having fonts on the jumobtrons. How can I remove them?
3. The subheading font style has changed for some pages: Education Page, Resources Page, Our Products.
4.The color of the background of the latest news section and footer have changed from white to black. How can I change it back to white?

I wanted to suggest that Ildy write somewhere near the update theme option that updates may alter the look of your page if this has been happening to others as well. Or maybe that’s something that can be prevented? I wouldn’t have updated just yet if I there was a possibility of these changes happening as I don’t have extra time to fix these changes.

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First we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  1. Did you create a backup of your site before the update?

  2. To change the fonts please view the following:
    Please have a look at the following link which is a tutorial that clearly explains the process of adding Google fonts to the theme:

  3. Go to customize and edit the various sections, you can edit the pages and change them back to the retired title.

  4. You can try achieving this by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.
    Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

/*change latest news background*/
#latest-news {
    background-color: #464646;

I’ll definitely pass your suggestion to the development team.
However as a best practice, please backup your site before you update the theme.
Here’s a great plugin you can use to do this. All-in-One WP Migration – WordPress plugin |

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Thanks for your quick reply.
Yes, I have backups but I didn’t realize I can restore it to its original state–still a newbie.
Since I’ve already spent time working on the site, I think I’ll consider your suggestions.
I had another question : How do I figure out what plugin is running? In the About section of the page
I’m having trouble with alignment and disappearance of the widgets and I was told to figure out what plugin I’m using
then to disable it. I tried to hide the widget because I"m troubleshooting with its alignment but then it seems to disappear.
Is there a way to find that out what the “show” and “hide” plugin is, without having to disabling each plugin and reactivating each one? I included an attachment showing you the area in question in the layout builder of the About Section.


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Unfortunately no there isn’t.
This is a manual process albeit a little tedious.

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you mentioned but the tutorial’s Header section is different than mine.
When I click on Appearance>header> it goes to the 2nd attached picture. Then when I click on Additional CSS I’m only able to see all of the added code but not just a section of the header code.
I tried clicking on Appearance>Edit CSS and it goes to that same page.
I’ve tried other areas but can’t find the same Header section with Code. Can you tell me where that would be located?

Also that video doesn’t explain how to remove the large fonts in the middle of the jumbotron. It only tells you how to change the fonts in general. Could you please guide me on that?

Lastly, I tried to find the option to change the footer color but i only found other options within that section, no color changing.
Can you tell me where I can find it?

Thanks again. Your help is very much appreciated!