Site is Gone ! Template Shapely


My site use to work pretty fine, up to today, when I tried to acces it, it looks template not working anymore.
The link is:

I need help urgently to fix what’s wrong.

Hi Jean-Marc

Files are not loading from your server, please contact to your hosting support and let them know about this issue

thank you for your reply my request.
I have sent request to server host, and the servers up and running.
PlanetHoster, would like to have a log of what you telling me about server files not loading.
Because if I try to push another template on my site it loads perfect, so why not yours.

Waiting for the log file showing server is not loading files.


Jean Marc

Hi Jean

I see its already fixed? website is loading without style problem right now

You are absolutly right. To our knowledge, following your lead, it looked like plugin on server caused lack of loading. We uninstall “pagespeed” from our hosting server this morning and noticed things came back normal. We can close the case.
Thank you for your help.