Site links broken after moving from development folder to root folder.

Hello, my blog posts that appear on the front page no longer connect to the posts!

The jumbotron images were broken as well but I’ve fixed the ones on the front page. It was all working perfectly until I moved the files from the development folder to the domain root.

Please help,


Also the links to the subscription page are not working! This is terrible. I’ve updated and checked the link address from the front page button to the page but even though the path is right the link goes to a 404!

In desperation I copied the entire site, except for the index.php, back to the development folder and now the site is working. But in reality the site is now in a different place from the index file so their is something weird going on.

The index file is in the root directory and no longer in the development file where it was originally created.

The rest of the site exists in two places - one copy in the root directory where it should be but doesn’t work - and one copy still in the development folder.

With subscription drives going on it is imperative for new subscribers to be able to access the subscription form so until this problem can be resolved I’m leaving it as is for now.

Suggestions for fixing this are very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

The site move is obviously the issue.
We would recommend a backup and then try to migrate the site using this guide:


Thanks for your response. It isn’t in a subdomain. The site is already a subdomain of another domain. I am trying to move the wordpress development build from a subfolder to the root folder of the subdomain.


Hey there

Dear @creativetravellermag first of all, my suggestion is to use google search before opening question that is related to WordPress, your question will be resolved much much faster and more efficiently than posting it here, its general WordPress question, i used google search and here is the links i found for you:

if you still can’t resolve your problem you must open a support ticket in the WordPress support since its WordPress problem

Thanks for your response. I did use Google search before contacting you and did use the processes that were outlined in the results.

Given that these were general wordpress instructions and they didn’t work with your theme it seems logical that the problem exists in your theme linking process.

I have always used Woo themes Canvas theme but now that it is no longer supported I thought I’d give you guys a go.

HI @creativetravellermag

No, this is not about WordPress theme, you will have an exactly same problem on any WordPress theme, this is the method itself you used not correct, you have to follow steps provided in the links to fix your problem there is nothing more we can do on this