Site Origin page builder integration with front page

I apologize for the weird looking title.
The problem I am running into is the following:

I have designed a page with site origin page builder, in a live website, and everything looked fine to me.
I decided it was time to set up this page as the home page, but when i do so, the layout i built doesn’t show the way i have seen it until now.
the design is composed of 4 columns, but when i set it as my default home page, the four columns transform into 4 rows.
Alos any kind of <br> code gets overseen and everything looks like crap.

I was wondering if there was something major i am missing. Probably a different layout is used for the blog page compared to the home. if that is the case can i replace the php content of the home page with the one from a blog page?

Thank you so much for your time!

let me answer my own question…
I believe I got it to work by replacing the front-page.php content with the code of single.php.

just in case someone else is crazy enough to try what i did!

Thank you tommi! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @tommisala,

I am glad that you find the right solution.

Also, if you want to make changes, you could see the theme code here:

Thank you,