Site View Keeps Changing

Thanks for the great theme which is easy to use, especially for someone like me that has no HTML or website development experience.

We are experiencing issues where the view of the site randomly changes both on the desktop and mobile devices. I haven’t been able to work out exactly when it happens but I have the suspicion that it changes after the site has been accessed from a mobile device.

It seems to change the view to a mobile style view although the colours are not our colours or layout.

When the problem occurs it doesn’t matter what browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) I open the page in the view is still corrupted. I have tried closing & reopening the browser, clearing the history of the browser and then reloading the web page, opening the page in a different browser, opening the page on a different device all to no avail.

However, if I log into the back end of the site and go to the offending page and then leave the page without making changes the view returns to normal. Sometimes when the view changes it effects a number of pages (not all) and I have to go to each page to change it back to the correct the view.

I have attached screen shots of the corrupted view as well as the normal view.

Our site is The problem current exists on a number of pages one of them is

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance that you may be able to provide.

Hi @gunnersadmin,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

I visited your site and it seems the issue of ZenCache that you are using on your site.

To resolve the issue try clearing he cache from ZenCache or temporary disabling it.

Best Regards,