Size of images on pages

Not sure why but images are not being displayed at the set size I’ve uploaded them as. Example:
The images (either using the plug-in or the simple upload) should be 1000px wide

Which setting am I missing to change how they are displayed?



You want those images to be 1000px? I suggest you to disable the Photon module of Jetpack so that the images will be resized correctly.

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Thanks for looking Iaranz, I believe I have disabled jetpack completely and it’s still displaying small images. Is there something in the theme that’s restricting it?


Can you pass me the WP Login details in a private reply, I will check how the page is made and answer you according to that.

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Thanks Iaranz

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Hi there

please check now
I just set your page to full width, there was a sidebar added on this page and main container width was not 1000px at all :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Noda!

Hi, there

Nice to hear your problem is fixed:)
Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved.
Feel free to contact us again Thanks!