Skype button in social menu

How I can add a call button in social menu?
Following the video instruction I’m able only to set a link to Skype website.

Hi there,

You will need to maybe add a regular custom link and then add a CSS class to it and customize it to using that CSS class i.e. the CSS class will define properties that will make the link look like a button.

Hope you can implement that.

Maybe the question wasn’t clear, sorry.
My problem is I’m not able to set a direct call to my skype name, but only a link to skype website.

Hi there,

Apologies but could you explain this a little bit more in detail and if possible include a link to the page or area where this is.


this is the link:
The social menu is in the footer…I tried to wrote something, I would like to have a link that will open Skype app and send the call directly from the link (i.e. callto://skypename).
Thanks (and sorry for my poor english…maybe I couldn’t explain problem in the proper way…)

Good evening

When i click on skype icon in footer links i redirects me on skype web app but it doesn’t open chat or call to your username, this is something not theme related, please check this link for more details on how this question can be resolved: