Slanted lines as background

Before the update I had a custom background on this site and on a couple of others using the same theme, now it’s simply become slanted lines and I was wondering if there is any way to change this? I have seen and used many different workaround for other errors (contact us section etc.) and these are fine but this is the one thorn I can’t seem to get unstuck from.

I’ve attempted to change the background using custom CSS as well as using the Illdy customiser options for that section however neither of these have helped.

Site address is

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You would have to change the background image for this section.
Please go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Sections > Services Section > Background and change the background that is used there.

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I have attempted this and it has still brought no resolution to the reported issue, I am still getting the slanted lines in the background and have attempted clearing the cache in my browser and using different browsers, still to no avail.

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I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

I inspected the site and I realized that you are using the Projects section.
Please go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Sections > Project Section > Background and change or remove the background.

Please update me on the results.

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I should have thought of that myself, it’s all sorted now, thank you very much for the help!