slider and featured images blurry


It appears that the images in my slider and the featured images are always blurry. I already tried out different things, but nothing seems to work. Here is what I already did:

  • deactivated jetpack
  • installed both regenerate thumbnails and force regenerate thumbnails, I can see no difference after using both.
  • installed simple image sizes and regenerated thumbnails with that one
  • uploaded images already in the right size, which is 1920 x 550 for slider and around 680 x 400 for normal images

I have no clue why the images are still blurry and what I can do to fix it. PLUS After trying out a lot, my thumbnails for the related posts are also broken.

Is there a way to get sharp images without all that struggle? I would really appreciate your help, as I don’t know what to try out anymore.

here is the link to the page, where you can clearly see that the yellow flowers in the slider and the featured image of the first post are not sharp:

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These images do not look blurry at all. Can you please send an image of how they look on your end?

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I just noticed that this happens in chrome. When I go to the page using IE or Firefox, the images look fine. Is there a way to adjust the rendering chrome does?

I attached screenshots of the featured image from both chrome and IE to compare. Especially the flowers in the foreground are way more blurry in chrome than in Internet Explorer.

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The browsers don’t have settings for the image quality but there are plugins such as the following:

Now, the issue with the image quality seems present for the thumbnails which makes sense because the images will loss quality when they are scaled down.

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Thank you for reply. I understand that the images will lose quality when scaled down. What I don’t get is that I receive different results in different browsers. Is there a way to manage this or is this a general wordpress problem?

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That is browser specific.

This is not something that you can control because even if you added a solution in WordPress the user may not have the updated version of the browser or they may be using earlier versions of Windows or Mac OS.

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Ok, thanks a lot!

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Apart from that, everything is fine. Thank you!

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