slider blocks in front of menus for WordPress theme

I don’t know the specific name for them, but the little rectangles that indicate which image your slider is on and link you to that post are displayed over the drop down menu. It looks strang and I would like the drop down menu to be in front of them. It is in front of the slider image itself, just not the rectangles.

From background to foreground priority:
Current order: Slider > Menu > Rectangle
Preferred order: Slider > Rectangles > Menu

Hopefully that makes sense. I have a screen shot attached. Thanks for the awesome theme and support.

You can change how HTML elements appears one behind another by setting z-index. Right now both elements have the same value but you can reduce z-index value for slider navigation and that way menu will be on top of it.

Add this CSS to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

.flex-control-nav {
  z-index: 100;

Let me know if this works for you.

Thanks! Worked like a charm