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In the Dazzling Demo, the slider pictures were 1920x550 to provide a nice stretch across the screen without filling it up completely. But the blog post featured image pictures that were associated in the slider, are not 1950x550. It’s obvious they’re not the same format at all because the blog post picture shows an entire image, where the slider picture shows a ‘cropped,’ if you will, image of the same picture.
Please show me what I’m doing wrong… I have tried clicking and messing with EVERYTHING that I thought could possibly get both images to look nice and to look exactly like the demo, but the solution is eluding me. The only thing I can find in the forum to even go along with the slider is to use the featured image. But if i upload a full-sized featured image, it blows the slider image up. And if I crop it…I lose most of my picture, it turns out grainy, and my blog picture isn’t a full image like yours was.
Please Help!
Thank you
P.S. disregard the images. It won’t allow me to delete them, but it also won’t allow me to upload the other two images. I apologize for that.

Hi @emerleeham,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The featured images on post page are displayed in the size 730px X 410px by cropping it and in the slider it’s displayed by the function the_post_thumbnail which takes ‘post-thumbnail’ as default image size parameter. This image size can be configured in the WordPress Administration Media panel under Settings > Media.

If you are not getting these images sizes on your site then use the following plugin to generate images of that sizes.

Do you want to display images as it is in full size without cropping on both places?

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