Slider category dropdown doesn't contain any categories for Dazzling theme

LOVE this theme- just what I was looking for. Just need a couple tweeks. I am wondering if the slider didn’t properly load. I can’t select any Slider Category. I can’t even find where to build the slider. Also, Is there an option to remove the “wordpress” and “colorlib” links off the footer.


Also- If I can add another comment. There are widgets on pages, that I can’t remove. Possibly because I switch over to this these from another? Also, the menu header ( I can’t select the main page- “services”- This is odd. Ive’ never had a problem like this…
Please advise. Sorry for all the questions. I really want this theme to work for us…

Slider works only with Posts that are associated with categories and not Pages because pages can’t be categorized.

Here is another thread about this that you could find useful.

Enable Dazzling theme, so I can look into what widgets appears hard coded and will try to help you from there.

Thank you!