Slider: excerpt for pages and not full width?

Appreciate your hard work on this there!

I would like to manually add a description/title to each slider. I see that you can use “excerpt” with a post to manage this but how does one designate a title/excerpt from a page (Excerpt is not an screen option for pages just posts, right?).

Also, is it possible to use the slider with a right-column template so it does not fully extend the entire width of the page.

Thanks in advance for your help!

To customize Excerpt you can add filter for that in Child Theme style.css if one is used but easier method is by simply using this plugin that will enable Excerpt field without touching a code.

Slider is attached to “header” part of the theme so it will always be full-width. It requires some modification therefore it is out of scope of free support.

Thanks, Aigars. Can paid support be arranged and what is the cost/fee of it?