Slider excerpt problem with Sparkling, Jetpack and PowerPress

I’m working on a site using a child theme of Sparkling in combination with the PowerPress plugin for podcasts ( The PowerPress plugin injects a podcast player at the top of certain posts. When excerpts of those posts are featured in the slider, the player is stripped out so it looks like this:

However, as soon as I enable Jetpack, the slider starts to include the player in a very unattractive way:

This happens even if it Jetpack is not connected to Wordpress and/or all the features are disabled. Somehow, Jetpack is interfering with the way the theme selects the excerpts. Can you suggest a way around this problem?

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Please try disabling Jetpack modules one by one to see which module is conflicting if any.

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Hi Movin! Thanks for the suggestion, but this problem occurs even if all of the Jetpack modules are disabled.

Then for the slider posts please enter the content that you want to display on the slider in the excerpt field of those posts as described on this page

That’s a very handy workaround. Thank you.

But I would still like to get to the bottom of what causes the issue, if anyone has insight into that? Using the excerpts is a little risky, because it would be easy for an Author to forget to include an excerpt and leave the site looking nasty.

The Jetpack plugin is changing the functionality of the_excerpt function so we can’t do anything in it. You have to contact Jetpack plugin support regarding this.

Thanks, that’s a great starting point.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone finds themselves having the same problem. I found a solution from the PowerPress side:

From the Website section of PowerPress settings, scroll down to “Having Issues?” and select “Yes, alternate fix”.

Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing the solution in this forum.

Your help here is really appreciated.