Slider fails to load

I am noticing that sometimes the slider fails to load and it loads over the content (image attached). It loads without “pushing” the content down. I am wondering if it is the theme itself that does this or if I have any conflicting plugins. The theme is great and I would really love to stick with the dazzling theme but I would like to fix this problem even if that includes having to remove the animation that “pushes” the content down to load the image.

This issue seems to happen on google chrome and not on mozilla firefox, and it happens when my site is freshly visited (where the browser has no cookies or history from my website) or when the homepage is visited again by the click of the header image.

Notice how on the attached picture, the slider and the slider buttons are way out of place.

Please get back to be as soon as possible, thank you!

Hi @cantsignupmk850,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

I have just tested it on my test site using latest version of Dazzling theme and found it’s working fine on both firefox and chrome browsers.

This can be due to plugin conflict on your site so please try temporary deactivating all plugins and activating them one by one to know which plugin is conflicting if any.

Is the following Dazzling theme demo working fine for you?

Could you please share your site URL so that i can test it?

Best Regards,


I have de same problem, the question is : if you active de Action Buttom as a Demo [“Do you like this awesome and free WordPress WooCommerce theme?” Download Now] the problem disappears, but if you don´t like this space slider fail to load. Any idea to solve this. Thanks a lot.

The solution: .flexslider{height: 100% !important;} It´s all

Thank you Creativa

I have also been having this problem, the first image of the slider loads down the page instead of fading in and loads over the top of content. The second image is fine, it pushes the content down.

I tried this with no luck…
.flexslider{height: 100% !important;}

Thank you in advance!

Hi @woodies03,

I visited your site to see the issue and found the image takes some time to load as it’s large so the slider displays as shown in the attached screenshot until the image loads completely but it doesn’t load over the top of content.

Are you getting the same result?

Currently it’s the expected behavior and displaying image loader until the slider and its images fully load is in our to do feature list.


Thanks for your help Movin! I did resolve the issue with the slider overlapping content and posted a new topic regarding the slider only loading part of the first image (I can’t seem to find that topic now!). I’ve added more css and it appears to be working ok, just with a slight delay in loading due to size as you mention. Hope you find a fix!

Hi Mandy,

Awesome great to see you got that resolved.

Have a fantastic day!