Slider images being scaled?

Hi there!

Great theme.

I have a client who has requested that that I make his homepage like the colorlib example page-full width. Unfortunately, the slider images keep being scaled down!

I’ve tried uploading the pic at full size ((over 4000px wide), and it’s still scaled down to 1016px.

I tried including this bit of css, as well:

.wrapper {
max-width: 1920px;
#branding {
margin-top: 0;

But it still didn’t fix it.

What am I missing?

There is no such example in our demo and it requires theme modification.

width="1018" height="460"

You can change this via functions.php file where featured image slider image size is defined like this

add_image_size( 'slider', 1018, 460, true );

You can change values accordingly.

Afterwards you might have to regenerate thumbnails because WordPress doesn’t do automatically for images already uploaded but only for ones that will be uploaded afterwards. This plugin will help with that:

Aigars, the site we saw Travelify on does show a full-width site:

Thanks. I think I have force regenerate plugins installed already.

It just looks like full-screen because that screenshot is basically a cropped version of my demo website: It is all about perspective :slight_smile:

We have another theme which featured full-width slider but it is still under review by team and will be available soon: Dazzling - Free Flat Design WordPress Business Theme - Colorlib

How long do you estimate until dazzling is available?

Yes, the perspective helps :slight_smile: lol

You can already download it here:

It is not yet approved but it is pending review and its initial review was already done and I made necessary bugfixes before it goes live. Shouldn’t take more than few days.

I really like Dazzling, Aigars (and so does he, lol). Thanks!

Awesome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Btw, theme is already approved by team and soon will be available for download, which means that theme is safe to use :wink: