Slider images come up very tiny

Hi there, just set up the theme and love it! But can’t get slider to work. I’ve read the documentation and googled around support forums but haven’t seen this problem yet: the images come up really really tiny, they are shrunk to a very small height. See here for link:

I’ve added screenshot just in case it’s starting to behave differently.

The images I’ve featured are of a reasonable size, all more than 1000 pixels wide.

Otherwise the theme is working well.

It may be relevant that I’ve re-skinned a site that’s existed for years in the Atahualpa skin. So didn’t start from new.

Further to this I see from the source code it’s full-on using the thumbnail version. This must be fixable! Suggestions? I’m not afraid to go into the source code but would rather not.

Sorry I have to take my example down, please refer to the attached screenshot. I don’t know if this posting is getting anywhere!

Weird. This “topic” never made it to the forums, but if you stumble on this, I found the fix and it was simple: I had uploaded the theme via FTP. When I deleted and started again, uploading using the Wordpress theme uploader within the site and a .zip file, everything started working. Hooray!

Hi @clippership,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

To resolve the issue you can try regenerating thumbnail images by using the following plugin.

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