Slider Images Missing a Title and Text on Mobile Device & Using Text for Title

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I’m new to using WordPress but used to create websites from scratch coding them. I really love the Sparkling theme even if I’m a bit late to adopt it :slight_smile: and am trying to get it to do what I want. And I just installed it on my site and am starting to modify it. One thing I noticed now is when I bring up my site on my phone the title and text is missing from images on the slider. So that’s not great as even though you can click on the images now and go to the posts, no one would know what the content of the post the images link to is. They’re just some images sliding across the top of the site. Was trying to think of a way to get around this. I guess I could lose the slider if I need to. But it looks nice when viewed from a larger display.

Aigars you said previously, “Images are visible on mobile without any problems but featured text and title is removed because otherwise it would overlap content on mobile and that’s not something you would like to experience. To make slider clickable on mobile you have to edit theme code but you can do it via Child Theme and that will make it update safe. I am thinking that this could come as standard for this theme in the upcoming version if I receive more requests for it.”

Also for the title on my site I wanted to just use text. But I couldn’t find a way to do that so just created an image I inserted instead which pushes the menu items off a bit to the right. Are there ways to use text for the title and move the menu items centered underneath this?

Thanks very much for your help. As I mentioned I’m new to WordPress so just learning. :slight_smile:

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  1. titles on the slider - Yes, I can confirm Aigars said everything correctly, titles, description text and some other text element cant fit on the smaller screens and its impossible to make them visible, that the reason why they are disabled
  2. Logo text - in appearance > customize in the logo settings remove your image and under image option, you will see “Site Title” fill this text and it will be your logo

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Thanks for your response. Hope you’re doing well. I’m trying different themes now to see which one works the best. I just created my site a few days ago and unfortunately someone is responding with spam messages in Turkish already to my place holder posts. I can’t believe it. Already. No one even knows I have a site that I know of. The only place I mentioned it is in my post here. Is there some way to delete this post or at least edit out my website address? Couldn’t find one. Appreciate your help. Any thoughts on the spam being created already? Thanks.

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You can use Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan – WordPress plugin | for security, IP address of the spammer will be blocked :wink:
Ok, let us know if you need anything from our themes