Slider Issue

I’m really new to WordPress, but I think I followed the instructions properly.

I went to Theme Options and enabled the Slider.

I set it to “Uncategorized” at the featured articled for it show, but it’s not coming up on my main page.I added a 720 x 410 image to the featured article as instructed, but still no luck. The words will appear for a moment, but that’s all.

I absolutely love the design and can’t wait to start using the theme, but I need the slider to work.

Can anyone help me>?

Everything is fine but you are missing two important things here:

  1. Featured image size is set to 720px by 410px but slider is even bigger if you want to get full width images. You will see that once you get that working. I use 1920px by 600 px image for slider to make it enough for Full HD monitors.

  2. You haven’t set featured image for your post. Yes you have image but it is inside article body and that’s not going to do it. Use featured image instead.

Oh I see what I did wrong!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Another thing I’m noticing is that the featured slider when I first to, but disappears when I click the logo. Is something set wrong?

Nevermind, it’s working now!