Slider Link to Page (Not Post)


I am trying to make the Slider on my homepage link to another page I have created instead of to a post is there an easy way to do that? My site is if you need it and I want the Slider (Evo) to link to this page

Thank you!

You will still have to create a post with featured image but you can use plugin such as Page Links to to point your post to page. User won’t see that post and will be automatically redirected to page you will select in this plugins settings.

hello, I installed this plugin however I can not leave the hidden post, I want to do the post with the picture and the link to the third party site, however do not want the post keep appearing on the site, how do I tell?

You can link that post to external page using my above mentioned plugin. But you will need to use Custom CSS to hide that post based on its ID from the website itself, there are no other options for that. If you don’t know how to do it, please post your website URL and name the post you want to hide and I will provide you with custom CSS to achieve just that.

The site I’m crinado with your otimo theme is:
the website I want the post goes to the site:
the name of the post is: Site de robótica atual!
thanks for the help!
congratulations for the theme!

Add this code to Appearance - Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and post will be hidden from your blog page and elsewhere on your website but it will be still displayed in slider and will point you to website you mentioned above.

#post-29 {
    display: none;

Let me know if there is anything else.

Thank you!
would u do with it is to do this however is not a post but with a category type that I’m using: “Publicidade”, is how to do this please?

Sorry but I didn’t understand your question. Could you try to rephrase it?

You can hide category names, other posts or other elements on your website the same way - by tracking down their ID via website source and just applying the same display: none; trick.


I want to hide all the post which are in a category called “advertising” because this category will appear on the slide. How do I do this?

The only solution is to hide them based on ID, so if you are using popular post widget (it is possible to hide posts from some widgets and also in Popular Post widget when more posts will be added they no longer will be shown as new or popular as there won’t be any comments) the post might be still visible there but you can hide it from blog. You can find post ID when editing it by looking in URL.

Here is an example:

In my case it means that I would need to target that post like this:

#post-7806 {
    display: none;

ok, thanks for helping me and for creating the theme for free!
Thanks for the replies!