Slider missing?!

Hi! The homepage of my site that runs Dazzling used to have a slider, but it’s vanished and I also don’t see any settings for it in the backend anymore. Does Dazzling no longer support a slider?

Okay, now that I look again it looks like it automatically updated at some point and killed my custom CSS as well as a script that I’d added to the theme directory. (The slider issue was that the slider function no longer contained the code which instructed it to look for pages, not posts.) Is there any way to recover my old theme edits rather than recreating them from memory?

Hey there

There is no such thing in the theme to restore changes on the website, get in touch with your hosting support and ask them if they have a backup.


Thank you. Will creating a child theme prevent this issue from occurring again if the theme updates, and if so, what do I need to do?

Hi there

no, a child theme is for different purposes, its better to stop automatic updates and perform an update manually


I definitely didn’t have it set to automatic updates on purpose and have never had this issue before in years of using this theme. Where can I turn updates off, in case they were turned on automatically by mistake?


I understand you, check this out: How to Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress