Slider not appearing below menu


I’m quite new at wordpress and I don’t have knowledge in using CSS. But I love playing around with the Travelify options.

BUt I have a problem: if you look at my site: the slider is appearing above the menu bar. Also, the latest post is not showing the featured image. I tried to backread the topics and searched similar topics but couldn’t find an answer.

Thanks much!

There are several topics like this on the forum and there is absolutely no coding needed for this to make it work.

You are now using Custom Header image and that’s fine but Custom header images are not the same as slider. It is used for completely different thing.

You need to use featured slider and you have already enabled it correctly but the problem is that you are not using featured images for your posts/pages that you want to display in the slider. Please read this basic tutorial on how to use featured images.

Hooray! Thanks Aigars! Now it looks great!

I’m having issues with my slider not going below my menu as well. Please see the screenshot.


You haven’t selected featured images for your posts that you want to use in slider. here you can read more about featured images.