Slider on all pages

Hi Dazzling.
First of all love the theme - thanks.
Secondly. Is there a way to add a slider (or static image) similar to the one available on home page available on all pages? As in across the whole page right to the ends.

Have added a flexislider plugin but it is cut off by white at left and right sides.

Would love to be able to do this.

You can add the same slider on all pages by removing

is_front_page() &&

from sparkling_featured_slider function inside extras.php file which you can find in Theme folder - inc.

To add custom images or custom slider for different pages you will have to use some plugin or add code directly into template files as there is no option for that.

Hello Aigars.

Fists of all, i wanna say thank you for free wonderful theme :).

Secondly, i have similar problem with making silder on all pages.

I want to make fixed slider from some pictures, not from category. So, i follow your instruction at by adding code slider into front-page.php.

Then, i want to this slider appears on all of page. So, i follow you instruction in this topic. I remove [is_front_page() &&] from [dazzling_featured_slider] function inside extras.php file.

But it not work.

Can you tell me if i do something wrong, or help me to find a solution for my problem. Thank you!

I use Dazzling theme, not Sparkling theme. I don’t know if your solution work on Dazzling or not


It is not going to work that way.

By static image I mean a single image added directly inside template file to replace slider. There is no way to just use random images for slider unless they are associated with post and category.

To make this work, you either have to recreate slider or have to use some slider plugin with functionality that you prefer.

@ Aigars
Thank you for your respond.

I created fixed slider from some pictures that i want by using plugin Meta Slider, then I copy code slider and paste on Front-page.php, page.php, single.php after “get header” line.
The purpose of this work is to make apperance of Slider on Front page, all page, all post. I also want fixed Slider appear in Category, But i can’t find where to add code.

The code i used is: <center><?php echo do_shortcode("[metaslider id=56]");
Metaslider Id mean ID of Slider making by Plugin.

This is my website:
You can see, all pages are page type except Category “Tin Tức” and some writing in “Tin Tức” is post type. All page have Slider, except Category “Tin Tuc”.

Can you help me find a solution to make slider that i created appear on Category “Tin tuc”.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The last one that you should edit is archive.php and slider will be displayed in category archive as well.

@ Aigars

archive.php. So great, it work ^^

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hope you always happy :smiley:

Hi Dazzling,

i need help!

I did what you wrote:

You can add the same slider on all pages by removing

is_front_page() &&

from sparkling_featured_slider function inside extras.php file which you can find in Theme folder – inc.

I also removed is_front_page() && form // Call for action text area

ang got 500 Internal Error

The server encountered an internal error and could not complete your request.

I was trying to put back the code as it was but i didn’t help anb my site id blank!

What should I do???



Completely re-install this theme via FTP and you should be ready to go.

Thanks for super quick support!

I will do that,


I’ve tried changing the code you suggested but it doesn’t work. The slider stays on the home page but on no other page. Is there something else to try?

Each menu item links to a separate page (and not a post) if that matters.

We are also using the full page template if that matters as well.



EDIT: Wrong theme. Sorry!