Slider on mobile chrome - no text

I have created several posts which work as my sliders, however on mobile chrome (android) - text is not shown.
Same is on standard browser of android (internet).

Is there a chance to fix this? I don’t mind to find required part in the codes and adjust these if I can get a guidance.


It is done on purpose because mobile phone screen size is way too small to fit both title and post excerpt on slider. At least if you use it the same way we have on demo.

If you want to still give it a try you can add this CSS code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and check if this will work in your case. In most cases it won’t look good and featured text will overlap menu and other theme elements.

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
	.featured-title,.featured-content,.featured-text {
		display: block;