Slider Opacity

I am using a single image in the slider for the homepage. I do not want it to be “clickable” and change opacity and I can not figure how to disable this. Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!

To which element exactly you want to change opacity. Is it title, excerpt or image itself?

To make slider not clickable you should remove URL from it and you can do it by simply creating a Child Theme if you are not using one right now and then copy/paste the following code in functions.php file. To read more about WordPress Child Theme you should check this page.

if ( ! function_exists( 'dazzling_featured_slider' ) ) :
 * Featured image slider
function dazzling_featured_slider() {
    if ( is_front_page() && of_get_option('dazzling_slider_checkbox') == 1 ) {
      echo '<div class="flexslider">';
        echo '<ul class="slides">';

          $count = of_get_option('dazzling_slide_number');
          $slidecat = of_get_option('dazzling_slide_categories');

            if ( $count && $slidecat ) {
            $query = new WP_Query( array( 'cat' => $slidecat, 'posts_per_page' => $count ) );
            if ($query->have_posts()) :
              while ($query->have_posts()) : $query->the_post();

              echo '<li>';
                if ( (function_exists('has_post_thumbnail')) && (has_post_thumbnail()) ) :
                  echo get_the_post_thumbnail();

                  echo '<div class="flex-caption">';
                      if ( get_the_title() != '' ) echo '<h2 class="entry-title">'. get_the_title().'</h2>';
                      if ( get_the_excerpt() != '' ) echo '<div class="excerpt">' . get_the_excerpt() .'</div>';
                  echo '</div>';


            } else {
                echo "Slider is not properly configured";

            echo '</li>';
        echo '</ul>';
      echo ' </div>';

Thank you!!! That should work!

In my final site check, it doesn’t seem to work. I was fooled by different browser responses. Chrome, Safari and IE are not “clickable” but in Firefox, the slider image does turn opaque if clicked.

I appreciate your themes. Thank you!