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I have installed the Sparkling theme on a new blog.

Does the slider automatically cut the featured picture in order to adapt it (so you can have 3 pics the same size in the slider) or do you have to do it manually? I have a post with a normal picture and the slider shows it very small with white space all around it.

Also, can you create a “fixed” slider with three pictures that are not from a post?

Thank you


Can I disable the sticky post option?

  1. Images are not resized for slider and are displayed as is. Slider is not going to upscale, downscale or crop your images. Recommended image size is 1920px by 600px to make it full with on all size monitors.

  2. No this theme does support only featured images from posts. If you need static images you can use some slider plugins such as Meta Slider.

  3. What do you mean by Sticky post option? Here is how Sticky post option is used and you can always disable them if you no longer want those posts to be Sticky:

Thank you for you answers!

One last thing. Is it possible to set a static immage instaed of the slider?
Thank you

Yes, you can add static image to replace slider. You can add it directly inside header.php file right above or below this code:

		<div class="top-section">
				<?php sparkling_featured_slider(); ?>
				<?php sparkling_call_for_action(); ?>

A simple image tag would be enough for that task, just make sure to upload your image and replace my example URL.

<img src="patch-to-image/smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face">

This is not in my header.php?!?!


It is very likely that you are using a completely different theme then.

Please start your own thread in relevant category.