Slider question


Seems like a nicely worked theme.

Yesterday I installed Sparkling into a brand new WP install and set up a couple of dummy pages and used the post slider (3 posts) with large images. The slider works wonderfully and each image fills the full width of the browser.

Today I realised that I should have installed Sparkling to a new WP Multisite install, so I manually replicated everything by exporting from the single install and importing to the WP multisite and I have replicated every setting so that both sites are identical.

However, the slider in the WP multisite is not filling the browser width or height. I can’t see any settings that do not match so I am wondering if there is an issue with the use of Sparkling in a multisite environment?

The attached single.jpg shows a full width imge while the multi.jpg shows the same post and image … just not full width.


This isn’t resolved but I have ‘fixed’ my problem by recreating the images to the recommended sizes of 1920 by 550.

However in the single site version (soon to be deleted) I am still using the original files of 1920 by 1300.

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It seems you are facing the issue on your multisite because of not generating image sizes properly so could you please try regenerating image sizes using the following plugin on your multisite?

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Many thanks. I changed themes to one designed specifically for multisite and the issue is no longer an issue.

No issue. Please advise if you need any further assistance from us.

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