Slider redirection to custom page?


I was wondering If I could somehow redirect people after clicking on one of the slidebar items to a specific custom page, and not to the post page.

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You can try achieving this by using the custom child theme shared in the following topic that displays pages in the slider instead of posts.

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Thanks, that works. I appreciate the quick reply and the straightforward guide. Is that possible by any chance to redirect users to a woocommerce product page? That would be perfect for advertisements. (Without changing the product picture)


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Unfortunately there isn’t away to do this without modifying the theme files.
Modification of code outside the functionality of the theme design is beyond the scope of support I can provide.

However, I can suggest a work around that might work.
Using the google inspect tool to find the code for the ad.
Wrap the code in an anchor to the page you want to redirect to.
Use this plugin: Real-Time Find and Replace – WordPress plugin | to replace the current code with the new code.

I hope this helps.

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Hello again!

I managed to get it working with the “301 redirects” plugin.
If someone wonders how: After installing the plugin, you can set a “Request” and a “Destination”.
If you want to redirect from “” to “” the request should be “/tespage01” and the destination “”.

The real time find and replace method should work almost the same way.

Thanks for the help and I hope that helps others aswell.

Hey @wendath,

I have to say your method looks more efficient,
Thank you for sharing it with the community.

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