Slider width problem

Hi guys,

Thanks so much so the nice (free!) Dazzling theme - I love it!

Unfortunately, I have a problem with the slider images. Please have a look at my website:

The slider image (= featured post image) seems to be too small in width. And I couldn’t find out the correct width for the slider images :frowning: Please help - and thanks in advance!


I see that you have already fixed this.

I will still post the answer here, so other can find it useful.

Featured image size is described in Theme Documentation along other useful things on how to customize and setup this theme:

Featured image size:

  • Featured Image (Single Post) is set to 730 by 410 pixels. Images in Blog are scaled down version from Single Post images with the same aspect ratio.
<li>Featured Slider Images. Personally I use 1920 by 550 pixel</li>

Hi Aigars,

Thanks for your help, again!
I read the documentation, but obviously I was too stupid to find the recommended image size section :smiley: Sorry!

And thanks again :slight_smile: