Sliders not working

Hi there. I would like to ask why my sliders aren’t working and how to fix. I have

enabled / activated slider posts
categorised slider posts to ‘string quartet’
added in featured image

I can’t think why these isn’t working.

Here is my website

Many thanks

Hi guys.

I wanted to tell you I have now resolved this. However, I’d be pleased on some tips related to this issue if you have any.

  • I had been working on a windows based laptop and that is where I set up my website.
  • I moved to a MAC book this week
  • On Sparkling slider options, the category was correctly checked on MAC but blank on my old windows based PC.
    Populating it with the category on the windows based PC worked

Do you have any ideas why I may have got into a problem with this? Does MAC operate significantly different for wordpress? If you have any thoughts, tips or suggested web references, I’d be interested to know.

Many thanks

Hi Caroline,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I think it has nothing to do with MAC or PC but with the browsers you are using on it.

I would suggest you to always use latest version of browsers and test it on different browser if something goes wrong.

Best Regards,