Sliding Banner Disappears when updating pages/posts

Hi, we changed our home page to the static layout, and everytime we create a new post or page or even update a page the sliding banner dissappears.

I then have to change the static layout to recent posts, update the page, log out then log back in and change back to static layout again for the banners to reappear.

How can we sort this problem?

Please take a look

I just tested this with my local installation as well as demo site and slider appears on front page no matter that.

The thing is that slider is completely separated from the rest of functions and it is defined via is_home and is_front_page so it will appear on front page as long as there is slider enabled via Theme Options.

I would recommend to clean browser and website cache if any cache plugin are used to see if that works. Another thing could be disabled cron function from your webshot, but this will cause even more problems like missed schedules for posts, akismet automated comment checking and other.