Smooth transitions for Shapely

Hi, I’m trying to get Shapely to transition smoothly between links on a single page.
I noticed that shapely doesn’t do this natively (or does it and I’ve missed the setting?) so I tried using the ‘page scroll to id’ plugin.
This works if I manually type the URL including the # id as a URL, however if I click a button or link on the shapely page the transition does not run smoothly - i.e. the link jumps instantly to the section and does not transition smoothly.

How can I change this behaviour?

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Shapely doesn’t have smooth scrolling, to add this plugin considering using a plugin like jQuery Smooth Scroll – WordPress plugin |

In regards to the page scroll plugin your’e using, try using the entire url, eg:

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Thanks, jquery did the job.
For some reason page scroll to id wasn’t picking up the button links but jquery was fine with it.