Social blog icons bug

Hi guys,

Sorry to disturb but I’ve got a little issue with my Social Icons in my Blog timeline page :

As you can see, they don’t show off anymore… Any idea ?

I’m trying hard for few hours before to come to you but could’nt find the reason.

Thanks in advance for your help amigos !


As far as my knowledge goes Illdy theme does not provide any social sharing buttons so you might want to delete and re-install the plugin that is taking care of it.

Looking at the boxes that appear instead of the icon it seems like the route to the files is broken.
I also see some console error, so let me know more about the provider of this social services as you might want to deal with this with them directly.


Oh ok understood. I will start searching in that direction and come back to you if I found a way to resolve this problem. Thanks for answering.

I hope this won’t end up to be a headache and you get it fixed in no time.

At a quick view, it seems like the social icons are provided by JetPack?

You might want to try some other social services plugin, there must be hundreds of them.