Social Icons don't look right

Since the 2.4.2 update, the social icons have a font-weight of 900. It’s just too much bold, and doesn’t look great. Could this be adjusted to 500?

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Let me see it, please provide url
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Here is one example: Boulder Lodge. This is happening on numerous sites, and not just this one.

After looking into this further, I’ve discovered that the Facebook icon is the only one with the font-weight of 900.

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

#footer-area .social-icons li a:before {
font-weight: 500;

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I understand how to resolve it with css. Can this be updated at the theme level? The Facebook icon shouldn’t be bold on every single site where the Sparkling theme is active.

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What do you mean by the theme level?
The way the theme changes appearance attributes is with CSS and PHP is used for the template aspects.

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