Social icons not displaying after disabling all plugins


My social icons are not displaying. I have added the social menu as instructed in tutorial (see screenshot). I have removed all additional CSS to make sure this is not interfering with social menu. I have also removed all plugins except Jetpack and Shapely Companion.

The menu is there, I can click and it redirects to Twitter or Github, but the icons are not showing.

Screenshot from 2021-09-28 10-58-56


Please help :slight_smile:

After checking other posts, I had to install the “Menu icons” plugin to make it work. Is there any better solution? My icons are displaying now but they’re very small.

Hi there

Looks like it’s fixed as well? Screenshot by Lightshot

Yes, I have. I will post the solution here for anybody in the future.

  • I had to add “Menu Icons” plugin.
  • Then I added this bit of additional CSS:
/*Social Icon Size*/
.social_icon {
    font-size: 40px;

Thanks for sharing your solution