Social icons suddenly missing from top right?

I just noticed that my social icons, which were once in the top right of my website, are not there anymore. I don’t know how long they have been gone. I checked on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and I am running all the latest versions. I tried to go to the Theme Options menu to check on my links, but there is no longer a menu called that in my wordpress account. Did this move somewhere else? How do I get my buttons back? Am I missing something obvious?
My site:
Running WordPress 4.4.2


After some fiddling around I see I can add my social media icons using the menus tab, which was not how it was before. So I guess that part is solved. I am still confused about what happened to the Unite Theme Options menu.

Hi @arwene,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

Yes you can create social icons following the below steps :

  1. Create a menu like any other menu in the admin area of your site under Appearance -> Menus .
  2. Use the correct urls in the menu items, so for twitter it must be for facebook it must be Otherwise URLs won’t get recognized and you will get squares without icons.
  3. Set theme location for this menu as “Social Links”

All Unite theme options are now moved to WordPress customizer that you can find in the admin area under Appearance >> Customize. All settings are still there but now you can tweak everything on a live preview. This change is made due to recommendation.

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