Social Link Icons in Different Browsers

Thank you again for your excellent theme and responsiveness in this forum. Your help in other topics is greatly appreciated.

I am having problems with the social link icons on my site ( The icons seem to display properly when viewing the site using Google Chrome, but they are not displaying properly in Firefox, Safari, or Explorer; however, the icons do display properly on Firefox and Explorer when I view the site through my WordPress administrator’s page (not at the website URL

Thanks again in advance for your guidance.

Nevermind - I was able to fix the problem by resetting the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) in General>Settings - WordPress issue, not an issue with the theme.

I’m sorry, but I am having the same problem getting social media icons to show up in Internet Explorer. The WordPress URL and Site Address URL are exactly the same in the General Settings and they still do not appear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan previously stated that he had to reset these settings to make it work, not just compare if they are correct.

Personally I haven’t noticed this kind of behavior for this theme, so this must be your hosting or WordPress setup related thing. Or maybe this is due to your theme customizations.