Social Media icons and slider vanished


Since the last Sparkling update, I have problems regarding my social media icons. It’s vanished. Even when going to Them options - Social, I am not able to add the links to my socials accounts.
Same goes with the slider on the homepage. It’s gone. Even by checking to box to have it, it does not appear anymore.

Thank you in advance for your help.

All the best,

If you are using a child theme try temporarily removing the custom footer.php file in your child theme. Then rebuild the footer based off the new parent theme footer.php file. That did the trick for the slideshow, but not the social icons.

I would certainly like help getting the social icons back. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to actually enter the url of your social media accounts to display; looked all throughout the customizer, widgets, etc.

This is the second time a theme update from Colorlib has not gone smoothly…

Hi Kyle,

Thank you very much for your help !
I got my slider back indeed :wink:
Still looking for the social icons though… I won’t do the updates anymore :frowning:

I found the social icon answers here:

"In this version we switched to a better solution for social menus. Now you can use a regular WordPress menu via Appearance >> Menus. There create a menu with social links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and son on inside it. Menu will recognize what URL you are using and will use the right icon for it.

Afterwards you can enable/disable icon in footer by using your mentioned function in customizer or by using the good old Sparkling social widget."

"Set menu location as “Social Links”. A single checkbox when creating menu."
"When you open WordPress menu editor via Appearance >> Menus you should go to Screen Options in the upper right corner. There you should select option called “Link Target”. Afterwards you will have a new options for menu items named “Open link in a new window/tab”. Select that for each menu item and you are good to go."

Hi Pink,

Thanks a lot for your help ! You’re a life saver :wink:
Great ! I got my social media icons back ?