Social media icons for Pinbin theme?

Really awesome! Thank you so much for this great masterpiece.
Could you let me know how I can attach the SNS link at the right top of the page?

Could you please explain what SNS stands for?
Adjustments can be done via WP dashboard but you should know some HTML/CSS basics. If you have some specific requirements in mind, just let me know and I might try to implement or at least give some hint.

Thanks for the quick reply! Actually I’m a newbie for WP and don’t know well about it. I just saw that the small and beautiful link buttons at the bottom of the posts on your blog. Moreover, your another great theme Travelify has simple and gorgeous SNS link buttons at the right top corner of the page. I want to know how I can add such things in your Pinbin theme.

Option, such as you see on Travelify theme, will be available on next Pinbin version. Meanwhile you can use some WP plugins to achieve similar result.

In the past I have used: but you can find other great plugins on

Thanks again!
One more thing… When I see Pinbin theme using a mobile phone a tablet, or a wide screen monitor with full size, the theme shows left aligned layout for both body and bottom sidebar. In my opinion, center alignment might be better to show.